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18. Batman: Bad Blood

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On Episode 18 of the Variant Podcast, Pedro and Aidan talk all things Batman: Bad Blood!

Batman: Bad Blood is a direct-to-video animated film that is part of the DC Animated Movie Universe, and serves as a sequel to the 2015 film Batman vs. Robin. 

The film was released digitally on January 20, 2016, and on DVD and Blu-ray on February 2, 2016. The story is adapted from a few Comic Arcs including Batwoman, Battle for the Cowl, Batman & Robin, and Batman Incorporated, while also making nods to a number of other books and stories.

We at the Variant Podcast give this film 4.1/5 stars, earning the Variant Podcast stamp of approval! Overall a very enjoyable film! Take a listen to our review today!

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Pedro Heizer

A nine-year communication and digital professional, Pedro has a passion for comic books, writing, podcasting, and all things Batman and Star Wars. Pedro loves to share his thoughts and ideas with others, and occasionally jokes he could write a thesis on Batman.

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