Variant Podcast

A DC Comics Pod

About us

Welcome to the Variant Podcast! We are a group of people who love comic books, movies, and pop culture and like to share it with the world.

By definition, a Variant is a form or a version of something that differs in some respect from a standard. That’s exactly what you will find here!

In a world filled with comic book-based podcasts, we at Variant Podcast aim to bridge the gap between novice and super fans within the comic book fandom by giving you content that can be enjoyed by both! We are a comic book podcast that is not afraid to be different from your average show. 

We create DC Comics-related podcasts, but that does not mean we won’t talk Marvel. 

Here we share our thoughts and opinions on the world of comic books. We talk movies, video games, tv shows, you name it. 

We focus mainly on DC Comics and the Batman franchise, but that doesn’t mean we don’t venture on some random episodes about a TV show we like.

Like the unique cover art that graces a comic book’s variant cover, our podcast has a unique voice and we aren’t afraid that people know.

We love comics and superheroes! We hope you do too and join us! #VariantPodcast

Welcome to the podcast.