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Is the end of DC Universe near?

If you are like me, DC Universe has become a staple of your fandom since it launched in September 2018.

DC Universe is home to the vast DC Comics library, of not only videos but also their vast comic book library.

Fans were able to watch and read all the DC Comics content their hearts desired, which is what made me fall in love with this service and decided to pay the yearly subscription.

However, without any announcement from DC, the annual membership option for the streaming platform has been removed, Previously you could subscribe for $7.99 a month or $79 a year for a savings of 20%. 

Removing the yearly membership simply adds more evidence that the DC Universe will cease to exist within the year.

With HBO Max getting a lot of the media attention with Zack Synder’s Justice League being the crown jewel in 2021, a lot of movies and shows once shown exclusively on DC Universe have made the move to HBO Max as well.

Doom Patrol was already airing on both DC Universe and HBO Max, and with the news that Stargirl would be moving exclusively to The CW, DC Universe’s content already began splitting up.

Numerous other small moves such as the cancellation of DC Daily also add to the speculation of DC Universe’s demise.

However, the elephant in the room remains what will happen with the digital comics. 

With Marvel Unlimited’s success with nothing but comics, DC Universe may make a similar move and be the one-stop-shop for the immense DC Comics library.

To me, this would be a huge win for comic book fans. My biggest draw to DC Universe was its library of comics anyways, and having that as exclusively comics might give way for DC to add more of its titles on there as well.

It’s important to note that nothing is official as of yet, however, with DC FanDome coming in August, we can probably expect them to make announcements on the future of DC Universe.

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